Box Sizes/Prices

Prices include:

Gift box, tissue, your choice of paper, ribbon, bow and gift label.


Pickup and Delivery Fee: $15.00


Extra Small = $6.00

Extra Small Box Sizes 3x3x2 and 7x5x1

Extra Small Examples: Jewelry, Ornaments


Small = $8.00

Small Box Sizes 8x6x4, 10x8x6

Small Examples: Small Toys, Candles, Coffee Mugs,

Paperback books, Cell Phone, iPod, iPad.


Medium = $10.00

Medium Box Sizes 15x11x2, 12x10x8, 14x10x8, 16x10x8

Medium Examples, Medium Garment Box, Frames, Shoes, Purses,

Towels, Medium Toys, Board Games, Hardback books.


Large = $12.00

Large Box Sizes 18x12x2, 18x12x10, 20x12x10

Large Examples: Large Garment Box, Backpacks, Jackets, Lamps.


Extra Large = $14.00

Extra Large must come in a box

Extra Large Examples: Wii, Xbox, PlayStation.